Eesti Looduse
   fotovoistlus 2010


Eesti Loodus
summary EL 2004/10

European Mink back to home

Tiit Maran and Madis Pdra look at things done and further plans about how to maintain the European Mink, a species at extinction throughout Europe, in Estonian conditions. The long and detailed cover story is supplemented with numerous photos, graphics and maps. We can learn about the historical distribution range and reasons behind the European Mink being on the verge of extinction. One very important reintroduction center of the species is located on the island of Hiiumaa. The article largely concentrates on the activities of the center and the results achieved so far.

Grey alder can be profitable and efficient

Hardi Tullus outlines the positive characteristics of the species looked down on until now: abundant biomass, buffering abilities around waterbodies; enrichment of soil with nitrogen etc. Grey alder is becoming ever more important in our forestry, since it is the first species that colonizes fallow lands.

With antibiotics against the microworld: consequences

Jaagup Alaots and Arvo Viltrop warn against the spread of microbes resistance to medicaments. They call for common sense when using antibacterial compounds. Microbes are an essential part of the living world, fighting for their right to survive.

Eesti Loodus enquires

Liis Keerberg writes about plannings that can be harmful to nature.

Monika Salo explains the grammatical rules followed in the magazine Eesti Loodus.

The European Pond Turtle in Setomaa

Lembi Lugas and Arvis Kiristaja had a chance to see the European Pond Turtle close to the current border of Estonia. The last observation of the species in our area date back to more than a century. The small turtle is very careful and easily frightened. Thousands of years ago, when the climate was warmer, the European Pond Turtle was a common inhabitant of the Estonian territory.

European rarities in Estonia: Angelica palustris

Kadri Tali and Helina Krgenberg describe a rare plant Angelica palustris that resembles the Wild Angelica. In Estonia it inhabits coastal areas and flooded meadows. It is a species of continental distribution range and is thus on the northern verge of its distribution in Estonia.

Interview: Karl Ernst von Baer knows answers to nowadays problems as well.

Toomas Kukk has interviewed Erki Tammiksaar, a science historian.

Adventures in Thailand, the country of smiles

Taimi Paal dived into the rainforest and shares her lessons. The group of backpackers visited many protected areas of the country, and leaned a lot about the life, people and nature of this far-away place.

A million-croon view to Estonia

Anu Printsmann, Mart Klvik and Helen Alume wonder about the need of numerous lookout towers in Estonia. In fact, from most of the towers, all you can see is forest and maybe some fields. The erection of lookout towers is expensive. Is the supposed rise in nature education really worth the millions spent?

Essay: Golden Eagle above the bog by Edgar Kask

Trash-can becomes a museum exhibit

Toomas Jriado got acquainted with a technology used in Sweden the environmental vacuum-technology ENVAC. The innovative system helps to get rid of any trashcans in a city. Instead, all the waste is sucked into a waste center, with no noise and no smell.